Visit SLV

Interested persons are welcome to visit and see what a cohousing project is like. Please call or e-mail us to arrange a mutually convenient time for your visit.

For our children’s safety — the road that goes through the neighborhood past the barrel and rope barriers is for emergency vehicle access only and is not a general roadway. Thank you for protecting our neighborhood!

Driving instructions

Shadowlake Village Cohousing
1741 Ginger Lane
Blacksburg, Virginia  24060 USA

From Interstate 81 exit 118B, take the 460W Bypass to Blacksburg, following the signs to Virginia Tech and Bluefield WV. Stay on Route 460W until you have passed through a traffic light at the Southgate entrance to Virginia Tech.

Take the “Downtown” exit after the traffic light, and get into the left lane. Make a left at the first traffic light onto University City Blvd. Make a left again at the second traffic light, onto Glade Road.  (Skip the next paragraph.)

If you come into Blacksburg on South Main Street instead of via the 460 bypass, keep going all the way on Main Street to and through downtown Blacksburg, and past the Alumni Mall entrance to Virginia Tech. When you pass a Taco Bell restaurant on the right, get into the left lane. Turn left at the next traffic light, just past a Wendy’s restaurant on your left, onto Price’s Fork Road. Stay on Price’s Fork Road through two more traffic lights, and at the 3rd light (just past a Holiday Inn) make a right onto University City Blvd. Go left at the first traffic light on University City Blvd, onto Glade Road.

On Glade Road: Drive 1/2 mile and turn right onto Shadow Lake Road, which is the first street on the right — it has a different name (Lark Lane) to the left. After another 1/2 mile, look for the big “Shadowlake Village” entry sign on the left in the middle of a sharp S-curve.

Turn left onto our entrance road, Sage Lane, and drive part way up the hill. Turn right onto Ginger Lane and find a place to park before reaching the dumpster area. A short walk on the road next to the Common House will bring you to the center of the community and someone will be waiting for you there. Please phone if you will be delayed.