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Historical Images of Our Site

This panoramic view of the Shadowlake Village building site was taken before the start of construction, looking north-northwest. Construction began in May 2001. We clustered our development on 5 acres of the 33-acre property and left the rest as untouched as possible.



Aerial view of our land and its surroundings looking north towards Brush Mountain and the Jefferson National Forest, taken in February 2002. The yellow rectangle encloses our site plus a small portion of adjoining properties.

Our five-acre ridgetop building site is the cleared, somewhat triangular shape located below the letters “SLV” inside the yellow rectangle. At its left is our 17-acre forest, directly adjacent to about half the lots and a short walk from the others.


Shadowlake Village

Shadowlake Village is located on a beautiful 33-acre site in the Tom’s Creek Basin section of Blacksburg, in the Blue Ridge mountains of southwest Virginia. The community is designed for 33 private homes clustered around a common house.

About 80% of the site is preserved as undeveloped open space and woods. In addition to an attractive view of Brush Mountain, the site features 17 acres of tall, mature hardwood forest — a spirit-enhancing place very close to our homes that is leafy and cool in summer and that feels open and welcoming in the winter.

Our 33-acre property borders on the 169-acre Brown Farm, now called Blacksburg Heritage Park. This is a public park that will mostly be left as a nature preserve. Thus, residents have immediate access to 200 acres of open space for recreational activities. Access to hiking trails in Jefferson National Forest is less than a mile away.

As well as having exceptional natural features, our site is a mile from commercial facilities including a supermarket, hotel, post office, banks, bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. This commercial center is located on Blacksburg Transit’s bus route, providing access to many parts of town and even to the major shopping center in neighboring Christiansburg. Virginia Tech, a major research university, and downtown Blacksburg are two miles away from Shadowlake Village.

Here is a recent satellite image of our location.


Site Plan

Most of our homes, and the common house, have been built by our project builder, the Community Housing Partners Corporation. Two homes were constructed by Shelter Alternatives, a custom builder in Blacksburg.

Our project architect, Architectural Alternatives of Blacksburg, developed several very flexible and livable standard house plans especially for our cohousing project, and worked with each new household to finalize their plans.

The site plan above shows the locations of the homes and lots. It contains three segments where homes are located: a big triangle on the right (bounded by our internal roads Ginger Lane and Sage Lane), and two narrower segments going into the woods at the left. We call the two narrower segments the North Node and the South Node, and the larger segment is our Central Node. In addition you can see the pedways, roads, parking spaces, and the common house. The cross-hatched area on the left is the leading edge of the woods, which extends for 18 acres.