Our History

 Site 092501 1A time-capsule summary of our project:

Late 1997- Typical beginning- people started meeting in Blacksburg to talk about an idea that was idealistic, exciting, and that they hoped and believed was practical — a cohousing project that they wanted to build and live in, somewhere in the New River Valley.

1999- A core group of committed idealistic pragmatists incorporated as New River Valley Cohousing LLC and started to search for suitable land.

bpixunitsinprocess2000- About 12 families and individuals took a huge risk by purchasing a 33-acre site in Blacksburg for 33 future households. By the end of 2000 there were 16 committed households and a successful conclusion to a very stressful effort to rezone the property to enable cohousing-style development.

2001- Throughout the year, the hillside and ridgetop of the
property were transformed into a building site with the bpixbrickwalkbeginnings of streets, water and sewer connections. At the end of December, the first resident moved in to the first completed residence in the middle of an ongoing construction zone.

2002- The pedways were paved, twenty more homes were finished and moved into, and landscaping and a community garden got started.

2003- The common house was completed and became the site for common meals, meetings, parties, gatherings of all kinds. More homes were completed and moved into. A community high-speed T1 line was installed.

bpixfencestaining2004- By the end of this year, we had 31 resident households and the 32nd lot was sold and about to be built on.

2005- Last homes completed and moved into. End of our home construction phase.

2006 and beyond- 33 families living in cohousing.